As part of our diversity and anti-bullying initiative, Red Hot has had the opportunity to work with different charities throughout the years to raise vital funds for causes such as HIV or testicular cancer. Thanks to the continuous support of our audience, who contributed to these causes by purchasing our charity calendars, we've managed to raise over £70,000 for our charity partners. Keep on reading to learn more about the organizations we've recently worked with and ways to get involved.


Super Gingers 2022 x The Terrence Higgins Trust

For the Super Gingers 2022 calendar, we partnered up with the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity whose mission is to fight against HIV and improve the nation's sexual health. They support people living with HIV, helping them assimilate their diagnosis and amplify their voices to eradicate the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease. Apart from raising awareness, they also count with various centres throughout the UK where they offer services such as HIV testing, sexual health education and therapy. Visit their website to know more about the Terrence Higgins Trust, or watch this interview with Thomas Knights where they discuss HIV cure, prevention and the modern reality of the disease in the UK. 


The Red Hot Motel 2022 x It's In The Bag

Did you know 98% of men with testicular cancer get cured? For the Red Hot Motel 2022, we partnered up with the testicular cancer support group, It's In the Bag. The organization is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors and NHS specialists whose mission is to raise awareness about the disease, provide support to men with testicular cancer, and celebrate survivors in the UK. They teach men the importance of checking their testicles regularly to promote earlier diagnosis, which often means more effective treatment and better chances of a cure. Apart from spreading knowledge about the disease, they also offer hands-on support to help guys tackle cancer's emotional and practical impact, both during treatment and beyond. Get to know more about the charity on their website, or watch this interview with Thomas Knights, where we discuss all things balls! 


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