Red Hot 2024 Calendar

This years calendar features 12 months of the worlds hottest gingers guys caught in the act as you've never seen before. The Voyeur is the only Red Hot calendar for 2024 so you know we've had to make is the most iconic. 

Red Hot 2024 is all about voyeurism. For the first time in Red Hot history, it’s time for you to get behind the camera and see our brand-new line-up of beautiful gingers through the lens of our international photographers. This unique POV captures the boys in the act - think paparazzi, fly on the wall, rear window style shots of our models caught red-handed in some of our most provocative photography to date. This year, more is more.

After the success of last years calendar, Thomas Knights is once again joining forces with talented photographers from around the world, giving each month a fresh take on this year's titillating theme. Red Hot 2024 will feel like a risqué private collection of the world’s hottest ginger guys.

Thomas Knights in Palm Springs, USA. Thomas is the Creative Director of @redhot100 and has shot every single Red Hot calendar from the past 10 years. He begain his career as a music producer & performer before quickly realising he had a talent behind the camera. "I've always wanted to shoot in the iconic, cinematic landscape of Palm Springs. It was very exciting to work from this alluring perspective, shooting through the trees or an open window and being a witness to the action." 
Sam in New York City, USA. In addition to still work, Sam has directed Fashion Films for such publications as Vogue Arabia, Les Hommes Publiques, MOMA, and Schön! His short films ‘A Woman Eats’ and ‘House Call’ have won a number of awards and received festival recognition. In all of his work he emphasises character, and where possible, infuses a sense of humour.  "With voyeuristic fantasy, the allure is seeing something you aren’t quite meant to see. Something erotic, something you wish you could participate in. In our images, you are catching our guys in the act of rest stop cruising. Did they notice you? Do they care that you are watching them? Or are they hoping you join in?"

Elvis in Sydney, Australia. Capturing high fashion, glossy pop and raw realism with a famed pop art signature aesthetic. Elvis Di Fazio’s character driven work has achieved iconic status on the global stage. Far more than just a fashion-forward photographer, Di Fazio combines fine art, marketing, and digital media to sculpt the Australian fashion landscape around him. "The shoot took place in Sydney, during Sydney Pride 2023 as a collaboration with U.K Based Artist Joseph Wilson, who worked on the motion picture element of the project"

Casey in Mineappolis, USA. Casey is a portrait photographer driven by his fascination with queer femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. He finds shooting on film to be ‘a magically authentic experience and brings more intention into each time I pull the shutter.’ When Casey is not shooting photos or making films, he spends his time snowboarding, skating, and surfing, embracing the same spirit of creativity and exploration that fuels his artistic endeavours. 

John in Kansas City, USA. John D. Brant  was transplanted to Kansas City as a teenager, where he discovered his passion for the art of photography.  He graduated from SVA in New York in 2004 and returned to Kansas City.  His work tends to focus on the human form and raw emotion that comes from the twist of virtue and desire. 'Being in the midwest I decided it was only fitting to go with a Cowboy Fantasy.  I wanted to evoke the sweet-sticky feeling of summer and the sexy feelings that arise between two boys working hard outdoors'.   

Samuel Hopper in Palm Springs, USA. An East London based creative, Samuel’s photography looks to capture the everyday. Whilst producing this years major project, Red Hot X, Samuel finds joy in exploring moments that are often unseen. The mundane and the commonplace are things to be cherished, and must be captured through his lens. "For my RH24 shoot with Jeremiah, I wanted it to evoke a feeling of curiosity. Almost like we caught our sexy neighbour on his patio. We’ve always wanted to take a peek, and he’s definitely not shy…"

As always we are raising money and awareness with this calendar for Testicular Cancer charity It's In The Bag. This a super important issue not only here in the UK but all over the world. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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