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  • Red Hot America Launch Party

    Join us at the legendary Circus of Books in the heart of West Hollywood and join us for a Red Hot party like no other! We're thrilled to invite you...
  • Red Hot 2024 Calendar

    This years calendar features 12 months of the worlds hottest gingers guys caught in the act as you've never seen before. The Voyeur is the only Red...
  • Red Hot X Pride London

    Last year, we celebrated being a proud LGBT+ brand at London’s Pride 50th anniversary parade. Over 1.5 million people took to the streets as w...
  • Calendar Charities

    Red Hot has raised over £70,000 for charities around the world.
    Continue reading as we share the stories behind our calendar missions.
  • Red Hot 2023 Calendar - Own It

    Your favourite redhead calendar is back with main character energy and inspiring stories...
  • A year in review

    A year in review 
After the events of 2020, notably Covid and Brexit, Red Hot started the year 2021 with ambitious plans and big visions for the fu...
  • Diversity Within the Redhead Community

    What does a typical redhead look like to you? Red hair? Pale skin and freckles?  The truth is, the redhead community is incredibly diverse but sad...
  • Interview with Thomas Knights

    by Colin Gentry Where did the inspiration for RED HOT come from? Being a redheaded male myself, it’s close to my heart and a very personal project...
  • A Natural History of the Redhead

    I am a woman with red hair, and by and large that has always worked 
    out pretty well for me. I wasn’t bullied as a child (protected, I suspect, 
    by the redhead’s reputation for a violent temper); as I grew older, I
    got used to being told my red hair was beautiful, that it meant people
    remembered me. I learned to tolerate, when younger, complete strangers
    coming up to me to comment upon or even stroke my hair—an
    experience common to many redheads, I discover. I came to an early
    understanding of how good looks are public property—something the
    RED HOT 100 themselves will be familiar with, too—and how hair colour
    is both so very personal, yet—whether we like it or not—entirely
    public. In my case, the world’s reaction towards my red hair has been to
    my advantage. But this whole paragraph might have been worded very
    differently had I been born redheaded, but a boy.