Own It Campaign

This one is for the risk-takers, the rebels, and the trailblazers. 

This is for those who don’t ask permission to be themselves, who push boundaries and challenge the status quo.




For our 2023 calendar, Red Hot is shooting for the stars, bringing you the most powerful stories of redhead success. A cast of famous models, athletes, dancers, actors, singers, and content creators step into the spotlight to make 'Own It' our most dynamic & inspirational calendar to date. Expect to see some world renowned faces, rising stars and diversity within the redhead community.

Shot by fashion and music photographer Thomas Knights and inspired by the rebellious aesthetics of Y2K fashion magazines, this year we are letting the talent take center stage and allowing their stories to speak for themselves. 



 ‘As a child, anything that sets you apart from everyone else feels bad. When you grow up however, it’s the very same things that end up being your calling card. Suddenly, being different is amazing. Being unique is an asset. It’s a journey of self acceptance. For me, shaving off my badly dyed blond hair and embracing being ginger took over 10 years. I would love this ‘Own It’ campaign to inspire young people and anyone struggling with being different, to feel empowered to celebrate the things that make them unique.’

- Thomas Knights, photographer & creative director of Red Hot